Our Philosophy

Flavours, culture, tradition and low prices meet quality. ..

Thai food is both exotic and healthy. In traditional Thai cuisine, fresh raw ingredients, low fat meat or non-fat ones are used.
This makes the dishes light, healthy and full of nutrients.
Starting my idea of Thai food in Corfu, I want to convey Thailand's traditions and its flavours to everyone in one simple place, with minimal style in a unique way.
I pointed out the variety of flavours through white and black touches combined with a mystery of colourful dishes and designs.
Personally, I took care of combining rich portions with the lowest price possible, while also offering excellent food quality.
Sayam restaurant is open all year round, in Gouvia and take-away packets are also possible.
It's the ideal solution for affordable and healthy food with over 100 different choices.
We are ready to serve you with friendliness and professionalism, giving you the best and high-quality food in new atmosphere. ...

Rezan H.
Restaurant Manager



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